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US. Deputy Minister:

oil companies must get access to Arctic oil and gas


US Assistant Secretary of State, Claudia McMurray, says the big international oil companies should get access to the hydrocarbon resources of the Arctic. She believes this will help avoid national “ego-centric” positions and international conflicts in the region.

Speaking in a conference on the High North in Tromsø, Norway, this week, Ms McMurray maintained that it is not a question if countries will exploit the energy resources in the North, but rather how this can be made in the best way.

-It is critical that we avoid ego-centric attitudes and international conflicts in these areas. We have to let the big international oil companies get access to the oil and gas resources here. They are the only ones with the right capacities, she said, reports.

Comment Posted by Peter Sterling: “Oil companies can get access to the Arctic Abyssal oil by joining with the US company United Oil and Gas Consortium Management Corp.,  , which has a strong prior claim made on May 9th 2006, to the Arctic hydrocarbons reserves under "Doctrine of Discovery" and customary international laws.”

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