United will soon be inviting qualified Environmental Agencies, Research Institutes and Scientists to participate in formulating Environmental Regimes for Arctic Ocean Commons Oil and Gas development.

It has been proven that Oil and gas exploration and development can be conducted safely in environmentally sensitive areas. For example in 40 years of exploration drilling on the Norwegian continental shelf there has been no major acute oil discharges.

The United Responsible Consortium will work with all of the Arctic Council member Nations and appropriate Government and UN Agencies and scientists to develop a strategic environmentally sound development plan which protects and enhances environmental safety in the Arctic.

There are various agencies and institutes involved in Arctic and climate research that the United Responsible Consortium will collaborate with. For example, the seven Arctic Council countries are undergoing the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA) process within which the United States has played a vital role.  

It is apparent that within the framework of sustainable development and ecosystem based resource management, considerations to the different industries need to be carefully balanced. Management will not lose sight of the environmental challenges that will accompany the potential rewards that Arctic oil and gas production will bring. A central concern is to safeguard the rich, unpolluted and highly vulnerable marine environment.

The United Consortium will invite the very best researchers and expertise worldwide to come together to address critical environmental issues and to narrow the gap between knowledge and correct actions. It should be noted that gas, which is the most likely resource in abundance in the Arctic is a much cleaner fuel than gasoline and contributes far less to the greenhouse effect.

Opening up the Arctic Ocean for petroleum production will be undertaken only after a careful assessment of environmental risks and constraints. The Consortium will abide by the world’s most stringent environmental regimes.

The United Consortium plans to work with governments and agencies to provide a solid environmentally and commercially viable framework for exploiting petroleum potential in the Arctic Ocean, while also protecting the sensitive environment in the Arctic region.  The United Consortium will set the highest standards for activities in this vulnerable region.

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